Queen B - Jean Brigitte

Queen B - Jean Brigitte . Foto hentet fra artistens Facebookside

Australian/Norwegian Performance Artist.

From Facebook:

Now residing in Stavanger, Norway, Brigitte has played hundreds of gigs at venues across Australia, London and now Europe - alongside many international and acclaimed acts. One half of popular Stavanger duo Snowpirate, Brigitte is an eccentric frontwoman -- recently described in local press as ‘utterly unique and impossible to pigeonhole’ and said to ‘stun the audience with some kind of controlled rage’. Her voice has been compared to the likes of Kate Bush, Catpower and Portishead, and her duo Snowpirate are said to ‘ooze massive class and flair without taking themselves too seriously’. Snowpirate produce and perform their own original music, and are well- known for curating and producing specialised events in Stavanger such as:

David Bowie Tribute – Sting Nere and KaffeKanna, Stavanger (Sold Out, twice)
Prince Tribute – Sting Nere and KaffeKanna, Stavanger (Sold Out, twice
Four Bitches in Burlesque Bar – Fribar, Stavanger (Sold Out, twice)
Leonard Cohen Tribute – Irishman/KaffeKanna Stavanger (Sold Out, twice)
Bang Bang Blues Show – KaffeKanna ,Stavanger (Sold Out)

Brigitte is a burlesque performer in the cheekiest sense; renowned for her costuming and reimagining of songs such as Leonard Cohen’s I’m Your Man, Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang; as well as her stunning fan dancing incorporating blacklight and the latest electronic music such as Kill the Noise. *Please note: There is no nudity involved in these burlesque performances – it is all about the allure and imagination… as well as parody and wit (the true meaning of burlesque).

Queen B - Jean Brigitte

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