Vi mistet tilkoblingen, vennligst vent mens vi forsøker å koble til på ny.
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Small acts of pig

Type: Grammofonplate
Utgitt: 2017
Utgiver: Haunted Hotel Records


  1. Innhold side A: Mellommenneskeleg Sodomi
  2. Overgrepsprega Resultateining
  3. Ressurssterk Krigsforbrytar
  4. Total Sodomi
  5. Schlammgeburt / Parlamentarisk Sodomi
  6. Innhold side B: Swedish Strokes
  7. Butter In The Coffee ;Boyfil II Meets Jimbo Jones III Part IV
  8. Nuclear Asshole
  9. To Believe In Someone To Trust For
  10. Prince Of Reality
  11. Egg Solution
  12. Small Acts Of Pig
  13. The Ballad Of The Pleasure Of Blahyi
  14. When You Get Crafted
  15. Anal Queen Of Minor Preparations
  16. Soother (Mention Birth)
  17. Böyfil II B14
  18. Ice Age Violence
  19. Zapped Out
  20. Nordlendingen
  21. Lamseth Gaupseth
  22. Brotherwanker
  23. All The Same
  24. Trinidanian Or Tobagonian Tobacco / BxSxRx
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