Vi mistet tilkoblingen, vennligst vent mens vi forsøker å koble til på ny.
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Silver & gold

Type: CD
Utgitt: 2009
Utgiver: The Tramps/West Audio Prod.


  1. Silver and gold
  2. The irish rover
  3. Carrickfergus
  4. The wee weaver
  5. Star of the county down
  6. The barleycorn
  7. Kerry polka
  8. Absent minded woman
  9. The cuillins of rhum
  10. Boffyflow and spike
  11. Tim Finnegan's wake
  12. Whiskey in the jar
  13. The maid of Coolmore
  14. The spare shilling
  15. A pair of brown eyes
  16. High road to Linton
  17. Loch Lomond
  18. So says the bride
  19. Jamie Raeburn's farewell
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